McInnis Cement tower with logo
Lane 1 and Lane 2 to the facility
Wide angle view of facility
Entrance to Mcinnis Cement

McInnis Cement

  • Location:Bronx, NY
  • Services:Environmental Engineering
  • Client:McInnis Cement

Galli Engineering acted as an Independent Environmental Monitor. Acted as On-Site Independent Environmental Monitor for a month. Prepared monthly reports, daily logs, and CAMP reports. McInnis is officially cemented into the Hunts Point waterfront. McInnis The Canadian-based cement firm has a new, innovative cement terminal located at 50 Oak Point Avenue. It is the first, new industrial maritime project on the south Bronx waterfront in more than 50 years. The newly constructed 100,000-square-foot, 24/7 operational terminal is what McInnis calls “the ideal port location for storing and distributing cement in New York City and beyond”. A first of its kind, McInnis Cement will be utilizing the East River waterway for 90% of its monthly deliveries of the finished product from its headquarters.

This waterway delivery system is expected to fill an onsite warehouse that can store up to 44,000 metric tons of material, thus eliminating 25,000 one-way truck trips and eliminating more than two million truck miles off Bronx roads annually. Considered to be a ‘gold standard’ for resilient, ecologically-sound, and accessible waterfront design, is to be used as a common language for higher industrial design standards for companies to come.

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