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Lead, Asbestos, & Mold

Galli Engineering, P.C. is highly qualified to undertake all aspects of asbestos and lead management. Houses and apartments painted before 1978 may have lead in the paint (lead-based paint). Paint chips and dust that contain lead can pose serious health hazards if ingested or inhaled. The federal laws that went into effect by 1996 require individuals to receive certain information prior to renting or buying pre-1978 housing. We have EPA certified lead inspectors who are ready to perform your next lead testing using non-destructive XRF Instrumentation. XRF is a quick, non-invasive way to test for lead in your paint.

Lead Inspector removing mold

Upon completion of your lead remediation, we can provide third party clearance dust testing under Local Law 1. If you do have a presumed lead-based paint violation, we can then help you complete the property contestation forms to challenge the violation.

Galli Engineering, P.C. is able to provide our clients with objective and unbiased testing consultation since we do not provide remediation or abatement services. Galli Engineering P.C. works only with microbiology laboratories that are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association to provide dependable results directly from the lab. This provides clarity and reliability.

Asbestos Services

  • Survey and sampling to identify asbestos-containing building materials
  • Operations and Management plans
  • Development of abatement specifications
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Project design and monitoring
  • Air monitoring during abatement

Lead Services

  • Visual Lead Paint Condition Assessment by Certified NYC Lead Investigator(s)
  • Condition Assessment Reports
  • XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and Lead Dust Swab Sampling

Mold Services

  • Locate where excessive moisture is entering your property
  • Conduct air monitoring, surface and bulk sampling for mold levels
  • Identify the affected areas and quantify the amount of mold
  • Recommend safe and cost-effective treatments to resolve the mold condition
  • Determine if there is a health concern and if professional remediation is warranted