Green Asphalt equipment
Asphalt being converted
Green Asphalt equipment that breaks up concrete
Green Asphalt paving rigs
Storage area at Green Asphalt where asphalt is stored
Green Asphalt rigs in action

Green Asphalt

  • Location:Long Island City, NY
  • Services:Environmental Engineering
  • Client:Green Asphalt

The site was orginally used as a construction yard and then converted to an asphalt plant. Galli Engineeirng prepared drawings for City Approval and building permits for the Asphalt plants, legalization of the existing building including sanitary disposal, with the NYCDEP for cesspools and NYC BSA filing and approvals. Galli Eningeering prepared design and drawings for bulkhead filing with NYSDEC, USACE, and city agencies for installation in 2021.

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