Transporting waste into truck
Recycling in action
Heavy Machinery
Back section of facility

Evergreen Recycling

  • Location:Newark, NJ
  • Services:Environmental Engineering
  • Client:Evergreen Recycling

The site was being used by Evergreen Recycling for metals recycling and tire recycling. Evergreen Recycling was proposing the addition of a materials recovery facility/transfer station as a separate waste stream inside of an existing and proposed new building, as well as a Class B Recycling Facility, which would receive, store, process and transfer wood, tree stumps and branches. The facility would accept recyclable materials and Construction & Demolition (C & D) debris.

Galli Engineering prepared all documentation required for submittal to the New Jersey Department of Environmental for a Solid Waste Permit for the operation of a transfer station/material recovery facility (“MRF”) and Class B Recycling Facility. Documents included an Engineering Report, Operation and Maintenance Manual and an Environmental and Health Impact Statement. Galli Engineering conducted all studies required for the documents, including an analysis of traffic, air quality and noise impacts. Galli prepared a RADIUS Air Permit, which was also required by NJDEP as part of the permit documentation. Galli also prepared a Site Plan Drawing and Details that were submitted for an Erosion and Sedimentation permit. In addition documentation was prepared for submittal to the Newark Planning Board for review.

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