Tractor removing waste
Diagonal view of building from across the street
Tractors transporting matierial inside building
Multiple tractors recycling waste

Scholes Street Recycling

  • Location:Brooklyn, NY
  • Services:Environmental Engineering
  • Client:Scholes Street Recycling

The Scholes Street Recycling Solid Waste Management Facility is an existing mixed transfer station accepting 500 tons/day of MSW, and 250 cy/day of C & D material. The facility desired to expand their facility by adding a 20,000 square foot building for cardboard and paper recycling. Galli Engineering was hired to perform this work, and all of the related environmental permitting. Galli Engineering currently performs Scholes Street Recycling environmental permitting with The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for their Solid Waste Operation Permits and also performs their annual NYCDOS noise, dust and vibration compliance testing.

Galli Engineering, P.C. was retained to prepare a site plan, construction design, drawings, construction management, fire protection, and environmental permitting for a new 20,000 square foot steel building. The building work began with the demolition of the existing utilities and the structure. The asbestos investigation demonstrated that asbestos was present. Following the lawful roof removal, all the walls and existing footings were demolished and removed from the site. The new building was a pre-engineered steel building which required concrete caps on driven friction piles. Major operational elements include 12 foot high concrete push walls, truck loading dock and the installation of an HRB 10 bailer. Galli Engineering, P.C. was further retained to prepare and file the required environmental documents with the NYSDEC for a paper recycling facility. Upon completion of the construction, Galli Engineering prepared the final “As Built” drawings, documented the work and certified compliance with the approved construction plans.

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