Environmental Site Assessments

The team of Environmental Scientist and Geologists at Galli Engineering are experts at Environmental Site Assessments. At Galli, we have a team of professionals who work solely on Phase I, II, and III site assessments.

Environmental site assessments are necessary to identify potential or existing contamination at a site. The Galli Engineering team uses the following techniques to ensure the site is properly assessed and all possible and existing Environmental Concerns are considered. Please see below the steps that our environmental experts take to perform a Phase I ESA.

  1. Database Search

    The team will obtain records from local and federal databases to determine if the property or neighboring properties have known or suspected pollution.

  2. City Directories

    Galli Engineering search through City Directories to locate any environmentally sensitive businesses in the proximity of the site. These businesses may include gas stations, dry cleaners, heavy industry, etc.

  3. Fire Insurance Maps

    When we receive a Phase I project, our environmental experts look at all fire insurance maps to see detailed drawings of ASTs, USTs, presence of chemicals, and more.

  4. Historic Aerials

    Many historic photographs from sites date back to the early 1900s. Our team will use the aerials to see how the property and the surrounding area has changed over time.

  5. Interviews & FOIA

    One of our environmental experts will interview past and current property owners and government officials to obtain information about the property. The team will also submit a FOIA to obtain past documentation and information submitted to local and federal agencies pertaining to the site.

  6. Site Visits

    One or two environmental experts will be sent to the site to spot signs of environmental issues and get a walkthrough of the property. Pictures and notes will be taken on the property to note signs of RECs.

  7. Report

    The final step we take is to put together a written report on all identified RECs of the property and note possible areas in need of further investigation. If any REC is in need of further investigation a Phase II ESA may be required.

Galli Engineering has been performing ESAs for at least 30 years. We are trained and well diverse in all property types (industrial, commercial and residential) and have a team of experts that have multiple years of experience creating these reports. Take a look below for some of the recent Phase I’s out team have performed:

400 Hawkins Ave Phase 1 Assessment Galli Engineering

Galli Engineering conducted a Phase I at the site 400 Hawkins Road in Ronkonkoma for Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage.

2700 Brunswick Pike NY Phase 1 Assessment Galli Engineering

The team performed a Phase I assessment at 2700 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township, New Jersey for Brunswick Pike Realty LLC. The team identified two Recognized Environmental Concerns for the property.

Staten Island Asphalt Phase 1 Assessment Galli Engineering

Galli Engineering performed a Phase I for Staten Island Asphalt at 364 Meredith Avenue in Staten Island NY. As a long-term client, Galli Engineering has performed multiple services for them over the years.