Cube Smart Civil Structural Engineering Close Up
Cube Smart civil structural engineering distance view

Cube Smart

  • Location:Bronx, NY
  • Services:Civil / Structural Engineering
  • Client:Cube Smart

Galli Engineering has been retained to prepare plans to address structural issues and waterproofing around the perimeter of the underground area beneath the existing parking lot. This is an existing area where the decking has failed and there is movement in the wall of Barton Ave frontage. The plans call for the additions of the support columns along Barton Ave wall. The construction of the footings there for these columns will require dewatering. Galli Engineering has applied for those permits. The plans call for the reinforcing of many of the structural beams and the removal of the decking on the sides of the structure. The construction will have to be done in phases to allow Cubesmart to remain open during the construction.

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