Sandy Hollow Apts Front View
Sandy Hollow Apts Street View
Sandy Hollow Apts Side View
Sandy Hollow Apts Parking Lot View
Sandy Hollow Apts Parking Lot View
Sandy Hollow Apts Rear Lot View
Sandy Hollow Apts Rear Lot Side View
Sandy Hollow Apts Rear Lot Front View

Sandy Hollow Apartments

  • Location:Southampton, NY
  • Services:Residential Real Estate
  • Client:Georgica Green

Sandy Hollow apartments is a workforce housing development in the town of Southampton. Galli Engineering was retained as the civil engineer for the development after the original engineer could not continue with the project. The project had some grading and drainage issues due to poor soils present on site. Working with the towns engineering department the solution was to install wicks in each leaching pool grouping to get the stormwater through the bad drawing soils into well draining soils below. Galli Engineering had to prove the fix worked by preparing perc tests and present findings to the town. The town also requested that rain gardens were incorporated into the drainage system. Galli Engineering produced a stormwater pollution prevention plan and did the required weekly inspections.

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