Your Go-To Guide on Environmental Permitting

By Maria DeKoning

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In the world we live in today, new laws and regulations come out constantly regarding the protection of the environment and public health. Whether the regulations are regarding limiting greenhouse gas emissions, protection of groundwater, or limiting noise in a bustling area, it is important that your project is approved with all of the proper permits and certifications needed to operate at the desired level.

What Are Environmental Permits?

In short, an environmental permit allows you to facilitate certain activities that may have an adverse effect on the environment and human health within the restrictions of an Environmental Agency. Environmental permits are required to ensure that your proposed project lies within the environmental standards laid out by the federal or state government.

Most importantly, they reduce the impacts on the environment from heavy industry. Finding an engineering firm with experience in environmental permitting is essential to make sure your project gets permitted currently and efficiently.

Why Are They Necessary?

Environmental permits are needed for a wide range of activities, and typically need to be renewed periodically to reflect the current and ever-changing regulations adopted by different government agencies. Since many industrial activities result in pollution and can be harmful to nearby habitats and communities, it is important to acquire a permit from the appropriate Environmental Agency. The permit will give strict guidelines to how the project can be performed, while still ensuring public health.

What Are Examples of Environmental Permits?

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Depending on the location of your proposed project, you will be required to obtain different permits depending on what you’d like to do. The following are a few permits required by NYS.

  • Protection of Waters Permits
  • State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Permit
  • Freshwater/Tidal Wetlands Permits
  • Coastal Erosion Permits
  • Air Pollution Control Permit
  • Solid Waste Management Permit
  • Hazardous Waste Management Permit

The full list of permits required by the NYSDEC is provided on the Environmental Permits webpage.

Whether the space you are looking into developing is a brownfield, abandoned lot, or open space. It is necessary to hire an environmental company to perform some testing on site. A site development plan will depict the general layout and geography of the site. Some of the jobs that need to get done are:

  • Site Planning/Municipal Processing
  • Site Identification & Development Design
  • Site Investigations
  • Site Remediation Studies/Oversight
  • Infill Redevelopment Planning
  • Multi-Modal Transportation & Transit Planning
  • Due Diligence and Compliance

Who Can Ensure My Project Gets the Proper Permits?

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Galli Engineering has over 40 years of experience permitting facilities and assessing sites for site development. Even though we are located in Suffolk County, New York, our staff has experience permitting facilities all around the country, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Indiana. No matter what the project is, our firm knows how to accommodate the needs of the client. The following is a list of planning/design experience that comes along with the Galli promise.

  • Subdivision Master Planning
  • Parks/Open Space Design
  • Athletic and Recreational Facilities
  • Playground Design
  • Golf Course Planning
  • Campus Master Planning and Engineering
  • Stormwater Management/Ponds
  • Aquatic Facilities and Spray grounds
  • Ecological Design and Planning

Galli Engineering is known for their work in the solid waste management industry. Approximately 60 recycling facilities, transfer stations, and TSDFs in operation today have been either permitted and/or designed by Galli. Trust your next project in the hands of environmental professionals who know the industry. For more information on environmental permitting, give us a call at 631-271-9292.

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Article by Maria DeKoning
Maria DeKoning is the Social Media Coordinator and a Junior Environmental Scientist at Galli Engineering. When she is not writing blog posts for the company, she assists with environmental work such as Environmental Assessments and maintenance of the Galli social media pages. She enjoys researching new environmental topics and technology and making them known to the public through her writing.