Galli Engineering’s Civil Engineering Department designs structures, including piles, shoring, and concrete foundations. Our Civil Department uses the most advanced software programs. These personnel and technical resources enable us to design for many building types, which include but are not limited to:

    Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings
    Marine Construction
    Parking Structures
    Institutional Facilities
    Galli is also proficient in site development, including drainage and grading design and utility site connection design, which includes sanitary, storm water, domestic water, fire protection, mechanical systems, gas and electric.

    Additional services that Galli Engineering can provide are:

    • Conceptual Planning/Site Engineering/Zoning Studies
    • Health and Safety Plans, Material Handling Plans, Water Handling Plans
    • Soil Management Plans
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Plans
    • Dewatering system permitting and system design for excavations and foundation work
    • Builders Pavement Plans
    • SD-1 & 2 Sewer Connection Applications
    • Engineering Inspection Reports for real estate transactions and Co-op Offering Plans
    • Property Condition Assessments (PCA) prepared in accordance with ASTM Standards and Standard Poor’s Criteria
    • Construction management
    • Project oversight
    • Project, value engineering
    • Contract preparation and negotiation
    • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
    • Review and certification of contractor requisitions and review of Shop Drawings
    • General and subcontractor supervision
    • Monitoring of construction costs and schedules

    Our Successful Civil/Structural Engineering Projects:

    • A. Russo
    • Advance Auto
    • RRT
    • JFK Airport Runway
    • Syosset Library
    • Millennium Toyota
    • Jones Beach Theatre


    For 20 years, Galli Engineering has provided expert quality environmental consulting services unrivaled in the industry. Our multi-faceted team of Professional Engineers, Scientists, and support staff provide comprehensive environmental solutions which are dependable, cost effective and a better world. These services include:

    • Site Development:

    • Phase I & II Site Assessments and Property Condition Surveys
    • Wetland Delineation, Mitigation and Permitting
    • Environmental and Safety Auditing

    • Hazardous Materials:

    • Environmental Remediation
    • secondary Containment Structures and Permitting
    • Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Documentation
    • CERCLA Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies
    • Drilling/Boring/Test Pits for Subsurface Investigations
    • Laboratory Analysis (Air, Water, Soil)
    • Hazardous Materials Management

    • Air:

    • Air Emissions Qualifications and Permitting
    • Soil Vapor Studies
    • Microbial and Water Intrusion Assessments including Mold and Mildew
    • Ventilation Systems Design
    • Community Air Monitoring Programs

    • Water:

    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Drinking Water Assessments
    • SPDES Permits
    • SPCC Plans

    Our Successful Environmental Engineering Projects:

    • Archbiship Stepinac HS
    • Boerum Place
    • E. 124th Street
    • Half Moon Bay
    • Trocom
    • Urban Builders collaborative


    Galli Engineering performs services to remediate Brownfields. Brownfields are properties whose opportunities for redevelopment have been hindered because of environmental contamination. Various governmental agencies offer incentives in the form of grants, tax credits, and liability protection to parties willing to rejuvenate these unused properties. Because of the complexity often associated with these sites, it is important to consult an experienced team of professionals to execute these projects through completion. Galli Engineering’s ability to integrate all elements of Brownfield redevelopment from site investigation through regulatory compliance, remediation and the design of engineered construction elements ensures a well-managed and efficient solution. Several Galli employees have been certified under the NYC Mayors Office of Environmental Remediation as Environmental Industry Professionals under the NYC VCP and Brownfield Incentive Grant Programs.

    Galli Engineering can assist you by:

    • Evaluating Brownfield redevelopment opportunities
    • Developing risk-based cleanup objectives based on future planned used of the property
    • Completing and submitting application materials and reports to NYSDEC  and MOER for inclusion into the programs
    • Ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    • Facilitating Environmental Restoration Programs for Municipalities

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    Galli Engineering is an approved qualified vendor for the


    Our Successful Brownfield Redevelopment Projects:

    • Wellington Square


    Galli Engineering is a Design and Permitting specialist in the solid waste management industry with projects completed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Approximately sixty Galli designed or permitted recycling facilities, transfer stations, and TSDF’s are in operation today. More are always in the design, construction, and/or permitting stages.


    • Truck to Truck Intermodal Container Facilities
    • Rail and Barge Solid Waste Transfer Facility
    • Recycling and Composting Facilities
    • Material Recovery Facilities
    • Landfill Design and Closure
    • Transfer Stations
      • Paper and Corrugated Cardboard
      • Construction and Demolition Debris
      • Putrescible Waste
      • Asbestos Waste
      • Clean Fill
      • Hazardous Waste
      • Regulated Medical Waste
      • Dredge Spoils
    • Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF)

    Engineering and Design Services we have performed for the solid waste industry include:

    • New York State and City Permits to Construct and Operate a Solid Waste Transfer Station
    • Environmental Assessment Statements and Permits for Regulatory Agencies
    • Engineering Reports
    • Closure Plans, Contingency Plans and other necessary documentation
    • Ventilation System Design for waste handling systems
    • Permits for leachate and stormwater discharge to Municipal sewer systems
    • Building Department Permit Applications
    • Construction Management and Supervision
    • Expediting Certificates of Occupancy
    • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals
    • Annual Performance Standards compliance testing

    Our Successful Solid Waste Projects:

    • Chelsea Transfer Station
    • Hi Tech Resource Recovery
    • Solid Waste Permits


    Galli Engineering, P.C. is highly qualified to undertake all aspects of asbestos management including:

    • Survey and sampling to identify asbestos-containing building materials
    • Operations and Management Plans
    • Development of abatement specifications
    • Project design and monitoring
    • Air monitoring during abatement

    Lead: Houses and apartments painted before 1978 may have lead in the paint (lead-based paint). Paint chips and dust that contain lead can pose serious health hazards if ingested or inhaled.

The federal laws that went into effect by 1996 require individuals to receive certain information prior to renting or buying pre-1978 housing.

 We have EPA certified lead inspectors who are ready to perform your next lead testing using non-destructive XRF instrumentation. XRF is a quick, non-invasive way to test for lead in your paint. We can also perform your asbestos testing at the same time. Upon completion of your lead remediation, we can provide third party clearance dust testing under Local Law 1. If you do have a presumed lead-based paint violation, we can then help you complete the property contestation forms to challenge the violation.

    Mold Inspections: 
Galli Engineering, P.C. is able to provide our clients with objective and unbiased testing consultation since we do not provide remediation or abatement services. Our team will help you:

    • Locate where excessive moisture is entering your property
    • Conduct air monitoring, surface and bulk sampling for mold levels
    • Identify the affected areas and quantify the amount of mold
    • Recommend safe and cost-effective treatments to resolve the mold condition
    • Determine if there is a health concern and if professional remediation is warranted

    Galli Engineering P.C. works only with microbiology laboratories that are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association to provide dependable results directly from the lab. This provides clarity and reliability

    Our Successful Asbestos, Lead and Mold Projects:

    • Hi-Tech Resources
    • Bronxville Site Remediation
    • Letchworth Village


    Regulatory Experts -
There is a growing demand for expert guidance in the field of environmental regulation. True expertise comes from in-depth academic inquiry and many years of project and management experience.

    Galli Engineering is an expert in all aspects of environmental and land use regulation, including:

    • Advising clients regarding environmental reporting, compliance and permitting
    • Support of property transactions involving environmentally compromised property
    • Assessment of zoning requirements and preparation of all necessary applications/actions to secure land use approvals
    • Support of individuals and entities before regulatory agencies in regard to alleged environmental non-compliance
    • Expert Witness and Expert Opinion Services including litigation support

    Our Successful Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Projects:

    • Chelsea Transfer Station
    • Hi Tech Resources
    • Stone Ridge